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Move The Box is one of the best puzzle games available on the iOS and Android platforms. It's available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android Tablets. Move The Box is a logic puzzle where you move boxes to clean off a dock. You have to match at least three of the same boxes in a row or column to make them go away. You only have a limited number of box moves that can be made on each level. The easier beginner levels allocate only one move. The further you go in each city based theme the hard the puzzle is and the more moves you get to complete the level. There are currently 7 city themes (Boston, Osaka, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Shanghai, London, and Paris) and 168 levels in the Pro version.

There is also a Move The Box Lite version with three cities and 96 levels.

On this site you will find free hints and Move The Box Walkthrough video solutions for every level of the game. Feel free to post comments on the levels with alternate solutions, suggestions or even criticisms. Thanks for visiting the site and we hope you enjoy your time here.


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Boston Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Osaka Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Hamburg Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Rotterdam Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Shanghai Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
London Walkthrough Videos


Move The Box Walkthrough
All Levels
Paris Walkthrough Videos

Val's Gift - Le Reve

Move The Box Walkthrough
Valentine's Day
Level 1 - Level 24
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Feb 2012

8 Responses to : Move The Box Walkthrough

  1. Ken says:

    Your game does not go past pais # 24 I try everything. And not get past it so I check your website and saw the videos and check the 24 video and on my game it does not work like the video the green box on the right on the video drops down on the right whitch it would not do

  2. Prizm Scramble says:

    Nice game 😉

  3. Brain game says:

    This is really for brain!

  4. Kay says:

    Theres more levels now!! 49 through 62 each stage

  5. Nadya says:

    I’m in love with move the box game , it’s one of the best games I ever played, I enjoy playing it xxxxxxxx

  6. Gregg says:

    I want to start the game over how do I reset the levels to show they haven’t been completed?

  7. Flow says:

    Still missin’ the Sydney-Walktrough :(

  8. Jane a says:

    Stuck on level 19 New York but can’t find any help! Xx

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